About Us

Sides To A News (STAN)

Welcome to Sides To A News, where we redefine how you consume news.

In a world with less than 28% of the Indian population (within India) subscribed to any news publication, compared to a global average of 40%, it’s clear that traditional news mediums are failing to engage today’s readers. 

Our mission is to bridge this gap by presenting news in a way that resonates with the modern audience, particularly Millennials and Gen Z.

Our Approach:

Three Sides to Every Story: We recognize that every news story has multiple facets. We dissect each story into three key components:

  • The Good: Highlighting the positive implications and potential benefits.
  • The Bad: Addressing the negative aspects and potential dangers.
  • The Gist: Providing a concise summary to keep you informed without the fluff.

We understand that today’s readers prefer brevity and clarity. By focusing on these three aspects, we ensure you get a comprehensive yet succinct understanding of the news.

Why Sides To A News?

  • Credible Sources: We prioritize accuracy and integrity, ensuring that our news is trustworthy and unbiased.
  • Tailored for Modern Readers: With attention spans decreasing, our format caters to those who want quick, reliable information without the noise.
  • Engaging Content: Our unique approach makes news interesting and relevant, encouraging readers to stay informed about the world around them.

At Sides To A News, we are committed to making news accessible, engaging, and reliable. Join us in our journey to revolutionize news consumption.

Stay informed, stay connected, and see all sides of the story with Sides To A News.

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